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Every project is unique...
Every room is an experience...
Every detail matters...


Nantucket is our Nashville clients’ happy place. We were asked to find a way to bring the rich, yet highly specific Nantucket feel to their Nashville home. Our focus was ensuring family and functionality were spotlighted in this unique design. To accomplish our objective while staying true to their Nantucket roots, we ensured every inch of this fabulous home was filled with texture, balance, and serenity. The calming muted tones are enhanced by rich wood colors and accented by soft earth tones. Nantucket, meet Nashville!


Our signature project went from a damaged, early 1900s Nashville church to a newly, completely renovated and unique home to a music management firm.  MDS spent two years designing and renovating this beautiful building and recently won the 2022 Commercial Preservation Award.   

Every room has been uniquely designed from the bell tower stained glass windows, to the stunning sanctuary fireplace inspired by French chateaux, to the custom bookshelves that house first edition American, French and Italian literature. No detail was left spared.


A beautiful family needed a beautiful home. As with any family, there was a story to be told. Our challenge was ensuring we brought history into this modern home. We accomplished this objective through specific design elements, antique furniture, and features that remind our client of the environments and history that formed them.  The clean lines and soft edges allow the architecture to be enhanced with natural light throughout the day, providing a canvas for them to continue to build their story.