We’re glad you decided to choose Mckeithan Design to create your ideal home. To ensure that all of your design dreams come true during your experience with us, we have a multi-step process to fully build out our interior and exterior structures. Read on to learn more about the timeline you can expect. 


Step One: The Consultation

We’ll sit down with you and figure out how we can create your dream home. We’ll want to know your vision, needs, and wants, as well as how your space is laid out, what existing furniture you have, and what your budget and ideal timeline is for completion.


Step Two: The Design Starts

The schematic design process involves space planning and furniture layouts. Using hand renderings and drawings, we’ll create the blueprints necessary to make sure we’re on the right track.


Step Three: The Design Finishes

After you approve the schematic design, we’ll turn our renderings into 3-D architecture designs.


Step Four: The Acquisition

No need to worry about purchasing the materials needed for us to do our job—we’ll take care of the shopping for you.


Step Five: The Build-Out

Now the fun begins! As the final stage in our process, the construction process requires intimate care from us. We’ll be onsite to make sure all materials are in good condition and are being handled well, and we have our own team of experts to make this stage as easy as possible, though of course we’re happy to work with your own contractors as well. 


Step Six: The Final Walk-Through

Your design visions have finally come to life! We’re not quite done yet, though—we want to make sure we have it right. The final walk-through will make sure your home looks exactly the way you want it, down to every last specification. We’ll take pictures as well.


Step Seven: Welcome to Your New Space! 

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